Internet Wonders was founded in 2000 by Jonathan Barnhardt as NDWebHost in Bismarck, ND. Since then we have grown tremendously and have changed our name to Internet Wonders to better describe our presence as more than a hosting company, but we haven’t forgot our roots as a small company with great service. We are here to serve all clients big or small, striving to supply superior services at an affordable price.

Internet Wonders can create custom web applications to meet your business needs. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals with many years of programming experience. We also do “behind the scenes“ work for many large companies, to provide them with the missing piece in their web application and hosting endeavors. We also have entered the online Data Backup arena and now offer these services to our clients at great prices.

Our data centers are located in Florida, West Virginia, Texas and California with a backup data center in North Dakota to utilize the best possible connections to the Internet possible. Our backbone to the Internet utilizes five Tier 1 provider backbones. Our servers have daily backups performed and have battery and generator backups installed. Internet Wonders’ web and application servers are industrial machines designed for a 24/7 serving environment. All of our servers are built in a clustered configuration to provide the highest possible up-time. Internet Wonders boasts a 99.997 percent server up-time since inception.

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